My skin has improved!

This was written in June, but I didn’t post it! So I am posting it now…


A few have commented that my skin has improved so much, which cause me to want to finally blog about this. My hubby says, “this tells you how bad your skin was…” O well, whatever… But it’s true that I should have been more urgent about my skin when I was younger. Anyhow, I’m just so glad that my skin has improved and to me, it has improved tremendously.


Now to the focus of this blog, benzoyl peroxide (B.P.)! This is the savior of my skin!

This thing only costs approximately S$11 at the Guardian Pharmacy. Benzoyl peroxide usually comes in 2.5%, 5%, 10% but based on recommendation, we should use 2.5% for the whole face. I use this in place of the regular toner. You could use benzoyl peroxide as spot treatment but because of my acne-prone skin, I would have to apply to my whole face.


The gel form makes it easy for application and absorption. Cream form is more easily found in drugstores. And one such brand is neutrogena. However, gel form is the more recommended form as it is easier to apply and absorb into the skin. And gel always feels nicer on skin. The other reason for not using cream is that when you perspire, a white film may appear on your skin which is rather unsightly.


The 2.5% B.P. cleared my skin from major acne outbreak within 1 week. No more huge bumpy acne! And within 3 months of usage of benzoyl peroxide, my skin brightened up! Based on my observations, the main reason is that it has cleared the pores from blackheads and whiteheads that dulled the skin. So by clearing the clogged pores, my skin brightens up! Benzoyl peroxide kills the germs gathered in the pores. So after 3 months, viola!, brighter and clear skin!


In the first week to a month, you may encounter redness and dry skin after application. But don’t panic, just go slow on your application, by that I mean just apply what you feel your skin can handle. To ease the flakiness, try to get jojoba oil or a very good moisturiser that can help moisturise. I bought my jojoba oil in Nature Farm. Can’t remember the exact price but it’s about $18.


Initially, I had read up about B.P. at but I wasn’t too motivated to search for 2.5% B.P. But after I happened to watch a YouTube video about how a young woman’s acne problem was eliminated after using the program at, I decided to be more hardworking and take the risk to use 2.5% B.P. You can watch the video and see for yourself! My attitude in taking the risk was “Even if it fails, it is just another few more bumps and scars among the already-so-many.”. And boy, am I glad that I took the risk. 🙂


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