A big splurging day for me!

Have not spent on myself for a long long time and suddenly my hubby reminded me about it yesterday. So I just indulge a little on shopping! (Not exactly little in Vic’s eyes)

Here are my loots…


Lancome Dolly Eyes Waterproof Mascara S$50 (That’s really expensive for a mascara… What was I thinking?)

Lancome Love in Rouge Lipstick S$40 (Moisturizing but I think I should have bought another color.)

Naked Basic Palette S$42 (I have been looking for matte eyeshadows that are neutral colors. So happy I got this!)

Stila Lip Glaze set S$19 (What a deal!)

Stila Waterproof Eyeliner S$28 (Recommended this to a friend even though I had never used it. And it turned out to be great for her. So I have to get it for myself!)

ALL in just one place, Sephora (Ngee Ann City). What a splurge indeed… No more spending till next month! O! I need some self-restrain help!


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