Benefit Fake Up


Benefit recently launched their new concealer, Fake Up! I was so desperately in need of a concealer for my under-eye dark circle that resulted from the sleeplessness, I was really so happy to head down to Sephora to get hold of this new concealer.


I have read and watch YouTube reviews on this new product which was launched a while ago in USA. So I was eagerly waiting for this product to come to Singapore. The reason why I waited for this product to come is the extra nourishing factor in the rim of the concealer, which I think is very important for the under-eye area.

I have tried the product for about a week now. So far so good. No creases like what is reviewed by others. But the coverage is light to medium. It’s good enough to cover my under-eye darkness from the sleeplessness.

Besides that, I also use it to freshen up my makeup and again it doesn’t cake up nor creases as it’s light. This is due to the hydrator, vitamin E and Apple seed extract.

However, because of the hydrator rim of product, sometimes, it’s a little hard to get more of the concealer rather than the hydrator part. And when you get more hydrator out with the concealer, the concealing seems to be lighter.

Overall, I like the product and I recommend for those who are like me, first time user of concealer and cautious of the caking and creasing of usual concealers.


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