Experience at 2 outlets of Sephora


Went to Sephora ION to get Lancôme Mat Miracle Foundation yesterday afternoon but was so disappointed by the service there. I went to the Lancôme section of makeup but no one was there. It was the second time I was there in the last one week and same experience. I looked around and saw a few staff not attending to anyone so I approached one of them to ask for assistance. I think she was probably a store supervisor and said that she will get a staff to attend to me.

So a staff came over shortly to assist me. After I asked a few question regarding the product, I know that she is probably a new staff or just totally unfamiliar with Lancôme products. I have to ask and re-ask her a few times on the coding of the product like the difference between O-01, BO-01 and P-01. She corrected herself a few times and was very uncertain.

Ok. Fine. I can overlook the incompetence in terms of knowledge. I already wanted to buy the foundation anyway so I just give up on asking more info and just wanted to get the product and leave. But just my luck, the foundation was out of stock! So I requested if she could find out if there are stocks in other branches. Instead of helping me to check, she asked me to go over to Ngee Ann City to check!!!! And guess what, they stock up only once a month. So the next time there would be any stock would be about 2-4 weeks time. Even in that, she wasn’t sure and didn’t go and check with her colleagues. :S

The last time when I was at Sephora Ngee Ann City it was a totally different experience…

A staff spotted me looking at the Lancôme products and he approached me to ask if I needed help. When I said yes, he quickly told me he will get the expert in Lancôme products to attend to me. And the staff indeed was able to answer all my queries very quickly. And I ended up getting the product I wanted and another that I didn’t plan to.

After which, I went to another brand and another staff attended to me and when that product I wanted was out of stock, she initiated to help me check with other branches. And the staff kept coming back to me to assure me that they are checking and getting the item for me. And soon they came back with the item. Apparently, a staff went down to Sephora ION to get what I wanted!

What a big difference in service at the 2 outlets! The staff at Sephors Ngee Ann City was so friendly and even initiated conversation with me regarding my pregnancy, seeing that I am pregnant. And mind you, they were also attending to other tourist customers who were buying in bulk and they didn’t ignore me, this haggard pregnant woman.

O well, I was just very disappointed with the service staff at Sephora ION. Anyway, I will still go back to get some other stuff cos I have some vouchers that could only be used in Capitaland malls. I didn’t get them cos I was just so upset with the service. I hope it won’t be a bad experience again.

Venus Von 4 (Size 5)


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