May’s Bellabox


After being rather disappointed with the last 2-3 months’ Bellabox, this month I wasn’t expecting much for this month’s box. But after opening it, I wasn’t too disappointed. At least some more interesting stuff that I could explore and use.




I have been thinking of exploring fragrance and perfume and so I was quite excited to see the Eau De Parfum, Me by Lanvin. Because it’s Eau De Parfum, the first layer of the fragrance is rather strong for my taste. Apparently, the perfume contains blend of tuberose, blueberries and licorice. Hopefully, it will wear off to something lighter later.


My next favorite item in the box is the ModelCo’s SHINE Ultra lipgloss. The gloss goes onto the lips in such a high shine. It has a sweet smell to it too. Couldn’t tell if there is a taste to the gloss or not cos I just ate lots of fries with tomato sauce. :p


Lash Card! My lashes clump up with most mascaras and hopefully this Lash Card bring my left-on-the-shelf-clumpy-mascaras to life again.

pAGE 1

For the rest of the items, I don’t feel too much about it now. But maybe after the baby in my tummy comes out, I may need all the skin care and eye patches to rescue my skin. As for the wine wipes… forget about it.

Venus Von 4 (Size 5)


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