Nail Polishes

Being pregnant for the last 9 months means that I can’t paint my nails for the last 9 months… Ok. It’s more of a preference not to paint them rather than CAN’T paint them. Anyway, I feel so under-privileged and to think that my baby is going to be out soon, I went on shopping on for nail polishes.

IMG_2128aI’m quite happy and satisfied with the colors that I received. And the delivery is sooooo fast! I ordered the night before and it reached me yesterday night! Seller was also very responsible to inform me of a out-of-stock item and asked if I wanted to wait for the item to be re-stock or to choose another color. I am more than delighted to choose another color that was close enough. Seller is Nailpolicious or click this link for the China Glaze sales. I got 4 nail polishes and one quick dry top coat for just S$45.

I can’t try the colors yet since I have not popped. And even after I’ve popped, I believe I would only paint my toes for the time being. Won’t want my baby to be tasting the nail polishes, you know… Anyhow, I am so delighted to have received the nail polishes!

By the way, I blog more on personal stuff and my pregnancy at my other blog, Pop by if you are interested. 🙂


Venus Von 4 (Size 5)


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