Vit C

Went out with my 7-week old baby alone! What a great feeling to actually venture out alone with her. Though it was just for a mere 1.5 hours to a MRT station away. Hee.


I bought vitamin C. Such a good deal at Unity Pharmacy! $39.90 for 2 bottles and it came with a free 1GB thumbdrive! I’m so happy! 😛

Well, I need the vitamin C to give me the energy to take care of a needy newborn and help my skin… Come to think of it, my skin became slightly drier after giving birth. I hope the vitamin C will help my skin to be good and not break out on me. 🙂



  1. How are the two of you doing? I hope everything’s going well! Have you thought of trying a Lush Fresh Face Mask for your skin? They’re preservative free and the assistants will definitely be able to help you choose a good, hydrating one!

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