Sephora Dry Shampoo

2013-07-22 18.05.48 copy

For many Asians, after giving birth, we have this practice of keeping the “Confinement Month” and during which, there are many kind of rules we are supposed to keep. One of them is no washing of hair for a whole month! So after I gave birth, a dear friend bought me a bottle of Sephora Dry Shampoo, in case I had to keep that rule during the confinement month. Very nice of her. But I still washed my hair during that month. 🙂

Anyhow, I did manage to try it. This is my first time trying a dry shampoo. I had purposely not wash my hair after a day for the purpose of using this product. After not washing my hair for a day, my hair felt just a little greasy on touch and has that slight yucky slimy look. So after spraying the dry shampoo on, the hair did feel less greasy but it still looked the same. Perhaps it does “clean” the hair a little but for me, the more important point of not looking greasy was not achieved.

Hmmm. How? Do I like it? Frankly, no. I would say that if your hair isn’t very greasy or if you have no other choice, like keeping the after delivery confinement rules, you can try this product as a last resort. Or else, for such a hot and humid weather in Singapore, washing your hair with shampoo and water is still the best. 🙂


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