Review: Bioderma Sensibio Mask

2013-07-30 11.56.38 copy

I was at Guardian Pharmacy (Ion) to get my favorite Bioderma Sensibio H20 yesterday. It is a makeup remover and it is probably the only makeup remover that doesn’t break me out. Anyway, while I was there, the sales assistant for Bioderma introduced this soothing mask to me.

This soothing mask costs S$40.70 at Guardian Pharmacy and not all outlets carry the brand. I am only aware that the outlet at Paragon and Ion carry this brand. Not sure if it is available in the heartland malls.

I am not a fan of mask or particular about it but I reckon that I need a mask for my face as it has been rather horrible these 2 weeks. My skin had always been combination skin and more on the oily side. But after giving birth, my skin became more on the drier side but still combination skin. So I think the products I use for oily combination is irritating my skin and causing some bumps.

The product goes on like a lotion or moisturizer and I am supposed to apply a thick layer of it and leave it on for 10min before rinsing it off with water. Quite an easy application and somehow I prefer this kind of mask compared to sheet masks. Don’t you think that sheet masks have way too much product? It leaves that yucky, sticky and overly moisturising feeling. Anyhow, after using the mask, I feel that my skin feels smoother and less irritated. The feeling was quite refreshing when I rinse it off with water. So it is a thumbs-up for me! I would be using this mask more and see if it improves my skin over time.

Just a note that Bioderma is having a S$10 discount for every S$50 spent on Bioderma products and it finally brought in the 500ml bottle for the Sensibio H20 at S$39.90. So I am a happy girl. 🙂


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