The trend is clearly going to be over

Spring/Summer season is almost over and I have still yet to follow onto this Clear Trend. I am referring to accessories that have some clear elements in them. All the nice clear heels and accessories. Boo hoo. I read about it on a while ago but I was too caught up with my baby and simply have no fashion juice left in me to be in any fashion trend.

2013-07-31 10.10.50 copyAmusingly, I was reminded of the Clear Trend cos of my baby’s toy. To date, I have still yet to shop for that pair of chic clear heels and those big clear bangles. I guess by the time I have the time to shop for myself the trend is already well over.

2013-07-31 21.18.59 copy

For now, I have subscribed to Her World magazines to keep me infused in some fashion trends. I’m determined to say ‘no’ to being a mum with unkempt hair, dull-looking face with no make-up and mismatched apparels. I don’t have to be the fashion icon, just don’t be a fashion forlorn. Magazines, help me pleassssse!



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