Review: Sukin Purifying Shampoo

2013-08-05 09.39.41

Everyone has been telling me about the horror of hair loss post-delivery. As you can see from the photo above, hair loss for me has started! Even before I was pregnant I dropped so much hair everyday to the extent that the hubby will comment that he felt like he’s living in a hair salon. So I am very concerned about my hair.

Recently, my scalp has also been itching crazily and it’s driving me nuts. And while I was scratching my scalp, it dawned upon me that scalp is also a part of skin. Which means that if I am very sensitive to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) on my face, I would also be having similar reactions on my scalp if I use a shampoo that contains SLS!

So off I went to check my shampoo’s ingredients list (and a whole lot of others). True enough, most shampoos contain SLS! Of course, they do cos of the foaming up effect that SLS gives. Now, the itching is really getting on my nerves and my scalps are red and sensitive. I shower and shampoo my hair every morning but by afternoon, my scalp would be itching. So I really wanted to try some SLS-free shampoo that will help with the itch but at the same time clean my hair well.


So this is the first SLS-free shampoo (in fact, it says “sulfate-free”) that I’ve bought. I went to Watson intending to get another brand but it wasn’t available at the branch at AMK so I got the Sukin Purifying Shampoo instead.



I have only been using it for a week. So far, I don’t really like it. Why?

It doesn’t foam up! This is a big boo! How can a shampoo not foam up??? I mean it does have VERY VERY VERY little foam but it is as good (or bad) as none. Well, some may argue that the shampoo is primarily there to wash the scalp but still, without the foaming up effect I seriously have problem trying to spread the product all over my scalp! I don’t feel my hair is clean after the washing. You know the kind of feeling like the hair is still covered with a thin film of grease.

The itch is still there! However, it has been reduced and occurs only in the night. I am not sure if my mind is playing a trick on me, I felt that the shampoo gave a teenie weenie tingling sensation on my scalp after shampooing. Maybe something in the shampoo eased the itch and gave that sensation?

Scalp got more flaky. I realised that during the first few days of use, my scalp seemed to have more flakes coming off it. But it did gradually reduce as well. Maybe it’s trying to purify the scalp?

If there is anything good about the shampoo, it would be that after blowing dry my hair, it felt fluffier for 2 hours. Erm. Just that. 8|

Overall, I am kinda disappointed with it. It is after all quite an expensive shampoo to me. S$21.90 for a 500ml bottle. The herbal essence shampoo which I have been using could be as cheap as S$3.90/bottle at Venus Beauty or Pink Beauty. So I do feel that I have wasted a bit of money at this Sukin Purifying Shampoo. I tried to alternate this with my current shampoo so that I get thoroughly clean hair at least on alternate days but that means itching badly on alternate days too… Or perhaps someone can teach me how to use this shampoo properly? Anyone?

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