Sleep loss can make you fat!


OMG. I read on herworldplusStudy explains how sleep loss can make you fat! O man… Is that the reason why I am still struggling to lose weight 12 weeks after giving birth? I still have 5 kg to lose! Yes, I know. Only 5 kg right? Tell me about that when you are the one that has the extra 5kg to lose. 😛

Anyhow, after reading the article, I realise that it’s no wonder that I crave for junk food all the time. But at the same time I am resisting it cos of the BIG FAT FIVE KILOGRAMS staring at me on the weighing scale everyday.  This 5kg means that I just pack my beloved True Religion jeans and Levis jeans into the storeroom till I lose the flabby tummy and love handles. The only 2 pairs of jeans that I could finally fit in after 10 weeks were the oversized and cheapo jeans that I bought from some random place. Haiz. So sad. 😦

Looks like this is a good chance to say “Dear, I need to sleep to lose the weight that you want me to lose so you will have to take care of baby in the wee hours if she wakes up.” Yey… 😀

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