Veet Hair Removal Cream

Hairy monster. That’s me and it’s embarrassing. I started shaving my legs since I was in secondary school. Being a poor student, shaving was the cheapest. But it is also an option that often leaves me having thicker regrowths and dry skin that itches all the time and that is another embarrassment. In one of the Bellaboxes, I received this Veet Hair Removal Cream and I thought I could give it a try and see if it wins me over to removing hair using cream instead.

For the sake of testing this hair removal cream, I purposely let the hair grow and not shave. So any discomfort for your eyes is regretted. 😛

IMG_2624_Fotor_Collage copy

After using it, I don’t quite like the idea of using cream to remove hair. The only good thing is that it doesn’t leave me wanting to scratch my legs after that. But in terms of being thorough in removing the hair, not so.


The instruction given on the package states not to exceed 6 minutes and that kind of got me nervous. I am wondering what repercussion I will get if I were to be a rebellious girl that doesn’t obey instructions on this. I kept looking at the timer and tried to stick to only 3min and at max 6min. Anyhow, at the 3 minute mark, I tried to scrap the cream to see if the hair is also removed. Some did but some didn’t.

After I had removed the cream, I washed my legs under warm water and my legs felt smooth and tender. But there is this tightness I felt on my legs after a while. I think it is the drying effect of the hair removal cream, which I don’t like. I think the cream works by “melting” the hair so that when you scrape the cream off, it breaks the hair off the surface. And I think it is the “melting” properties in the cream that is making my skin feels that tightness.

It is also rather messy to apply all those cream on my legs and then remove them again. I think I prefer the waxing strips to removal cream. But of course the wax strips hair removing method is more painful. 😛

Regrowth of hair is as ugly as those from shaving. Still as noticeable and sticking proudly out of the skin.

Would I purchase it? Nope.

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