Lopsided but confident


I totally think something has happened to me ever since I was pregnant! Confidence and self-esteem level somehow shot up sky high during this period. Why do I say that… If you look at the pic another time and this time scan your eyes to the top I am wearing, you will notice the epic fail in it… The buttoning was wrong! And I was out for a few hours looking like this! :S

I think I must have looked and felt really confident about it that NOBODY asked me about it. I’m sure someone had noticed that… O well, I must have really looked quite confident and good looking lopsided. Can’t blame people for not asking me… 😛

This was in fact the second time such epic fail for the week. *shake head* Epic fail. But. I just might succeed in life real soon. Thanks Mark Twain for such assurance. 😉

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