Bellabox August 2013, MUFE Face & Body Liquid Make-Up and MUFE HD Primer

Busy busy busy! August is almost over, but I just didn’t have the time to try all the stuff in the August’s Bellabox or even blog about it till now… This is what you will keep saying when you have a cute baby who is constantly crying for wanting your attention.


Anyway… The items received in the Bellabox this month are quite decent! At least there are more items that I want to try than stoll away in my cupboard or straight to the dump. But I will just talk about one of the items in this post.  I told you… I didn’t have time to try or blog about it…


Read much about how Make Up For Ever Face & Body Liquid Make-Up is so wonderful, covers, etc. So when I tried it I had certain expectations.

Texture of the foundation is rather watery. I have to use quite a lot for my whole face, which I think I have quite a small face(?). I used like double (or more) the amount shown in pic above for my whole face and I wasn’t even sure if I had used enough. But I just didn’t want to be over-doing it cos I was also unsure if the color of the foundation suited me. I think I was given #20 in the Bellabox. That was the only number I saw on the bottom of the bottle. But the color suited me quite well.

IMG_2694 copy_Fotor_Collage copy

I have quite a lot of spots from previous acnes. After pregnancy, I had even more brown spots that started to show up on my face. Furthermore, my skin is rather sensitive and that explains the redness. As you can see from the pic, the coverage isn’t fantastic. Maybe my spots and hyperpigmentation are really that horrible. But still, the coverage is at least good enough to reduce the appearance of the redness.

Would I purchase it? Maybe… Let me try it out a couple more times…


I got MUFE HD primer in one of the previous Bellabox but did not try it till now. It is also quite runny. Smells very nice though. With the runny texture and fragrance, it feels like I was applying skincare. Other than that I don’t quite feel that this is any different from the other primers that I have. I don’t think this primer helps to minimise the appearance of open pores too.

Whether or not the High Definition property does make any difference, I can’t tell. I don’t really take that much photos of myself to notice the difference. I will have to use that a few more times and take MORE photos of myself to evaluate that further.

Would I purchase it? Because I like how the primer smells, yes! I may purchase it when I finish my current daily primer.

TGIF! Have a good weekend ahead everyone! 🙂


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