ModelCo Cheeks & Lips Tint


This has been my favourite lip product recently. Received this ModelCo’s Cheek & Lips Tint in my August Bellabox and I really like it.

When I opened up the tube, I was kinda taken back by the DARK & RED lip tint. The texture is gel-like. The tool I instinctively used to apply the tint was my finger. And I was quite annoyed by it as it left me walking around with a red mark on my finger. Reminds me of the recent Malaysia voting.ย ย But because the colour of the lip tint on my lips made me look quite good and natural on photos, I love it. I hope I look as good in real person too.

No taste when I licked off the lips once it dries. Even when I first applied it I don’t recall any taste either. (Updated on 4Sep2013: There is a very slight berry taste or fragrance.)

However, this tint doesn’t last long. Will have to re-apply after breakfast. I probably ate it. :S But I am still quite ok with it. Not sure if it is because of this, it also doesn’t dry the lips as much as some other tint.

I really like this product and would love it even more if comes with a wand like a lipgloss for non-messy application.

Anyhow, this is going to be my favourite lip product for a while. ๐Ÿ™‚


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