Licking and eating lead?

Lipstick (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, I read a few blog posts on lead in lipsticks (inclusive of lipgloss, lip-liners) and thought that I might be eating poison for the last 20 over years(!!!). If you are like me, having queries on lead in lipsticks, you can check out the FDA website here. Lead itself is a proven poison that messes with our brains and bodies, causing learning disabilities, seizures, infertility and yes, death – all reasons why the metal has been banned in everything from paint to gasoline … except cosmetics.

That certainly sounded very scary. Personally, I doubt that there is enough lead in the lipstick to be posing such a threat to me, unless I am literally eating the lipstick in one sitting? To begin with, how many of us have ever used up a lipstick? I admit, I tossed most of them into the bin before they were even one-third used.

On second thought, 20 years of lipstick eating life is quite daunting. Would those lead have been accumulated in my body over time and thus, causing harm to my body? I have no idea. Meanwhile, I will start looking through my lipstick favourites and hopefully I won’t have to toss those lipsticks too soon.

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