Flatana Milky Foot – 7 days Program

Heard a cousin-in-law that used a similar product like this and then I read blog posts on the amazing peeling effect of the treatment mask for the feet. So I went on to Qoo10.sg to buy “Milky Foot” since more than 4 months ago but only got to use it now.


The treatment mask is very easy to use. Instructions are very straight forward.

IMG_2830_Fotor_Collage copy

IMG_2834 copyThe mask has lots of product in it and once your foot is wrapped by the socks-like mask, which also meant that my feet are very covered by the stickiness of the product. So the feeling of walking around with this socks-like treatment mask is a bit yucky. And be careful not to walk too quickly as you might just slip and fall. So just sit and don’t move! Ok. That’s quite hard to do for an hour…


After 7-10 days, I don’t feel there was much improvement for the skin of my feet. On Day 6, I noticed that some skin are flaking off my feet and causing quite an unsightly mess on my chair. Yep. I was putting feet on the chair and the skin flaked off on it without me realising till the hubby complained about it… Anyway, the flaking of skin was just about that. No major peeling like how some people experienced after using the treatment mask. By Day 10, I couldn’t tell if there was any difference from the Day 1 of use. I was very disappointed. But still I think it worked ok as a moisturising mask for my feet. Ok. I am just trying to be positive😀

Conclusion, I don’t think I will try this again. Quite a waste of my one hour and especially the yucky feeling of wearing the gluey sock-like treatment masks. Uh-er, no more second time for me.

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