Fresh Sugar Petal Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF15

2013-09-16 22.08.10

Fresh! This is my first time purchasing a Fresh product. I had previously read about this Lip Balm and saw it in Sephora and was really tempted to get it as I have been looking for a good tinted lip balm. But seriously, S$29 for a lip balm, I think I really have to take some time to consider… So recently, because of the shopping vouchers that my friends had given me for my birthday, it was a good chance to splurge on a lip balm. 😀

From Fresh’s website:

Sugar Petal Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15 moisturizes, protects, and smoothes the lips with an exclusive blend of moisture-preserving sugar, nourishing precious oils, antioxidant-rich polyphenols, and essential SPF protection while leaving a pink blossom tint. It is proven to provide 6 hours of significant moisture for soft, supple lips. The unique formula offers buildable coverage to customize a sheer or rich hue and is the perfect partner to the best-selling Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15.

2013-09-19 10.26.07

This tinted lip treatment is rather pigmented and buttery like a regular lipstick. But because it is a lip balm or lip treatment, its primary purpose is to moisturise which it indeed is very moisturising. After using only this lip treatment for the last 4 days, my lips actually feel softer and smoother now.

However, Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment has a taste to it. If you know what I mean. But it has a nice taste. I was not very used to it initially but kinda got used to it after just 4 days. If you totally abhor taste/flavour in lip product, I doubt you will like this.

The Sephora staff told me that this particular colour is a hot favourite. And the one I got was the last one the outlet has. I can say, I don’t regret splurging on this tinted lip treatment. In fact, I am already thinking of getting the Rose or Coral one! 🙂


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