Jay Gee Card

Last Monday, I was at Ion doing my big-time shopping. Remember my $600-shopping-day? I seldom enter the store “New Look“, and that day was one of those rare days that I actually went into one. A very nice sales lady approached me and introduced to me the Jay Gee Card and asked if I would like to sign up for the membership for $88. That’s quite a lot to pay for a shopping membership. But guess what, I actually signed up for it!

One of the reasons for spending that kind of money on the membership was that I could actually use my Capitaland vouchers to pay for the membership fee. So, thanks again my friends. And for this month, they are giving $100 vouchers immediately after you sign up for the membership. However, there is a clause that for each $25 voucher, you will need to spend at least $50 to use it. Still quite worth it.

As a Jay Gee member, I get 10% discount on regular items. 5% discount on sales items. 20% discounts across all brands during my birthday month! Discounts always get a woman excited…

Besides that, the brands under the Jay Gee Melwani Group are quite good. I haven’t actually utilised the discounts elsewhere except at the New Look store. And I stupidly forgot to use this card when I bought something over a $100 at Nike on Saturday! #dumbdumb. I just hope that this card will come in handy soon!



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