K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner

IMG_2943_Fotor_Collage copy

Finally, I got a brown liquid eyeliner. Have been wanting to get one for a long while but didn’t want to splurge on it. So I decided to get this K-Palette 24H Real Long Lasting Eyeliner which costs S$19.90 at Watson.

The tip of the eyeliner is very fine and soft, thus making the application such an ease. This is very easy to use especially for newbies in using liquid eyeliners.

2013-09-22 23_Fotor_Collage copy

The colour of the brown eyeliner is natural and so do not expect it to be outstandingly dark or pigmented like a black liner. The reason for wanting a brown eyeliner is so that I could wear it for a more natural everyday look and this eyeliner achieves that purpose. I am very satisfied after using it for a week.

The staying power of the eyeliner is good. In fact, it claims to be smudge resistance. I have oily lids and so far, I did not notice smudging. However, a few days ago, I was tearing a little cos I was so moved in a church service and I wiped my tears with a tissue and I noticed some brown stains on the tissue when I wiped. But I did not see any staining on the rest of my face so I assumed that the tears caused the liner to come off only when I wiped. I can’t be very sure about it.

I tried to draw a line on my hand. It dried very quickly. I tried rubbing it and nothing came off. And then I tried washing the liner off under tap water and it came off slightly. Hmmm. For this, it really reminds me of faded tattoo… :p

Overall, this is a good eyeliner that stays snugly where it is applied. So this would be part of my daily makeup for work from now on! 🙂



  1. I love brown liner, especially to wear on an everyday basis. I love black but it can be too much sometimes, and I think brown woud look just pretty even when applied more heavily. I am thinking of a cat eye or something like that. I could really wear it everyday! I would love to have one but I havent bought it yet. You inspired me!

    • Yep! I love black too but I think too serious/sharp sometimes. So I just wanted to use brown for a softer look for everyday. Hmm. Maybe I can try a cat eye too!

  2. […] Another eyeliner, cos I think both Stila and this K-Palette ones are such good finds in 2013. So I decided to pick both since they are in 2 different colours. Ha! This K-Palette eyeliner is the one I used almost everyday as I wanted a more natural look on a daily basis. It is really like a 1-day tattoo. You would need a eye make-up removal to thoroughly remove it. You may read my review here. […]

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