Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

Ok. I have to be honest that I fell prey to the sales assistant’s sugared lips for this one. Why do I need to buy a exfoliator for lips? O well…


Since it is an exfoliator, its texture is rough so that it could rub off the dead skin from the lips. It wasn’t too rough and thus not too hard on the lips as well.

There is a taste to it. Can’t put my finger to what taste it is. But an acceptable taste and fragrance.

IMG_2946 copy

By the way, the first ingredient listed is “Sucrose” which is actually SUGAR! That makes me feel even dumber. I can probably make this myself. Why did I forget those youtube videos on DIY lip exfoliators? :S

I have only used it once and I feel totally dumb for buying this. So… I am going to make sure I use it at least once a week to exfoliate my lips.  IT shall not sit there in my drawer and make me dumber. HAHA. This is probably the ONLY lips exfoliator I am ever going to own.




  1. I’ve fallen victim to the sales people more times than I’d ever like to admit. If you aren’t happy with it, return it! Save yourself the $$. This stuff is so easy to make on your own! 🙂


  2. Oh how often we’ve fallen for the sales people’s great PR and marketing strategies! Haha. How much was this exfoliator though? Hope you didn’t spend a lot on it. And I hope you can still return if it you don’t find any need for it. Hehe. 🙂

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