Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel


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I always have the worry that moisturizer is too rich and moisturizing for my oily skin. And after giving birth, I feel my skin became both dry and oily at the same time! So I really needed to find a moisturizer that moisturizes but one that doesn’t cause me to look like a oil sleek. I read so much about the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (DDML) but since I have oily skin, I better try the gel version instead.

Ingredients of DDMG


Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (DDMG) is a gel moisturizer and very easy to spread onto the skin. It absorbs very quickly into the skin as well. The smell of it is super pleasant. I feel so happy every morning and evening when I use it!

Because I have combination skin that is on the oilier side, applying moisturizer is like buttering the non-stick baking pan for the oven. I kinda look oily all the time. After giving birth, my skin is kinda dehydrated even though it still gets oily. Very irritating. So when I tried this DDMG, I was very pleasantly surprised. It really does hydrate my skin without making it oily! In fact, now my skin is seldom as oily as before.

I use this after cleansing my face and applying SKII Facial Treatment Essence. My skin would feel so smooth and nice on touch whenever I wash my face. Gives me the delusion that I have flawless and smooth skin. Ha!

Last Saturday, I went overseas for 3 days and did not bring along my DDMG as I didn’t want to bring such a big bottle of moisturizer. Well, for 3 days that I did not use the DDMG, I felt such a big difference especially whenever I wash my face in the morning! The texture of my skin felt rough on touch and washing my face during that 3 days made me regret more each day… I eagerly came home on Monday night to wash my face and apply the DDMG. Next morning, SMOOTHNESS again on washing my face. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

One thing I am very sure: I am going to get the travel size DDMG for my next 2 trips in November. 😉



  1. […] This has been something I wanted to try cos I see it everywhere that people saying how awesome the Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is. But the gel version would be more suitable for my oily skin instead. Got my first bottle as a birthday gift and I just fell in love with this moisturizer. Seriously, it’s worth trying. You can read my review here. […]

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