Victoria Secret’s Sexy Little Thing

2013-10-04 10.54.08

Not exactly obsessed with Victoria Secret’s Sexy Little Thing, but more of obsessed with using scented shower gel/cream and body lotion. I was never a lotion-person. To just even shave my armpits was a hassle to me, but it was really a chore which I had no other choice in since I don’t want to be labeled “hairy”, “bushy” or anything else like it.  Anyhow, I have no idea what happened to me but ever since I gave birth 4 months back, some things just changed. I have become more vain.

Using scented shower gel/cream and body lotion has become a very nice pampering thing that I do for myself. Seems like the more body lotion I slather on myself the more I feel good (and sexy?). Well, after all, this Victoria Secret’s Sexy Little Thing smells quite good. And after using body lotion religiously on my legs, the skin on my legs have improved very much. So applying body lotion does matter!

2013-09-26 19.09.36 copy

I am already down to my last drop of my current shower cream and maybe a quarter of the tube of lotion left. So I was actually very excited when I find a Crabtree & Evelyn box of shower gel and lotion sitting in my bathroom cupboard while I was packing it! Hooray! More nicey feeling after each bath. And I will start to smell something else and maybe that will make me feel differently too.

O well, the scent of those shower gels and lotions are almost right here with me while I type. Hmmm… Now, I am actually wishing I will receive shower gels and body lotions for Christmas this year!



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