Wotnot Facial Wipes

2013-09-26 18.56.09

Got this in one of the months’ Bellabox and so I decided to bring this with me to Bangkok to remove my makeup since I didn’t want to carry liquid makeup remover on my carry-on luggage. I haven’t used makeup remover wipes for a long long while. Usually, my skin reacts after using wipes. On the packaging of this Wotnot Facial Wipes, it says “suitable for sensitive skin” and so I felt safer using it. I don’t remember my skin reacting after using this, but it did become a little red, well, obviously cos I had to really wipe (rub) my skin with the wipes. Other than that, I think I had no outbreaks from it.

But this wipe doesn’t really remove water-proof mascara. I had to really rub and use my nails to scrap the lashes to kind of make the mascara come off. So after the first day, I didn’t use mascara for the second day and third day cos I didn’t want to spend so much time trying to remove my makeup with a wipe that is not really working.

Sidetrack: I think I forgot to use this wipe to remove my makeup on the 2nd night of my Bangkok trip. -_-” This is bad…

You can read my trip to Bangkok here. Or my friends’ blog entries on the trip: The J Babies and Joycie Jewel.



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