ION Orchard ION+ Rewards

Did you know that if you accumulate $1000 worth of receipts of spending made in ION Orchard, you could apply for the ION+ Rewards card? I only found out quite recently and c’mon, $1000 in 6 months is actually not that difficult. Especially, when I had just received about $700 worth of Capitaland vouchers in September! So by the end of September, I had accumulated $1000 worth of receipts (with the help of a cousin-in-law), I finally went to apply for the card last Monday. I received 5 points immediately, a ION Sky umbrella and 2 admission tickets to ION Sky!

2013-10-15 23.08.31

So what’s so good about it that I wanted to blog about it? I mean, frankly, who doesn’t go to ION Orchard? I frequent there almost every week and I dare to say spending money there is easy peasy for me. Sephora is there you know… So when I have this ION+ Rewards card, I could redeem my spending for parking points. The first $100 spent gives me 5 points which is equivalent to $5 for my parking. Subsequently, every $100 gives 1 point up to $1000, which is a maximum of 14 points (equivalent to $14). These points are accumulative and can be used for parking fee any time you exit from the parking gantry of ION Orchard.

Just on Monday this week, I went to Uniqlo at ION Orchard and spent $51 and spent another $90 at Sephora. That earned me 5 points. My parking fee came up to be $5.87 and I paid zero cash for it cos I had left over points in my account. This card certainly gives me a little perks for shopping in ION Orchard and parking there of course. So if you are like me, crazy over shopping in ION Orchard, especially Sephora, you know you can start accumulating your receipts to apply for this card. More terms and conditions can be found here. 🙂

By the way, I bought a long-sleeves top at Uniqlo for just SGD12.90 each. Cheap cheap. My hubby bought 3 pieces for himself. Good deal! I was really tempted to buy more but having 2 upcoming overseas trips in mind, I better exercise some restraints… Anyway, enjoy the weekend everyone and happy shopping!


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