Sugar & Butter Lip Polish

No no no… I didn’t purchase yet another lip exfoliator. One such exfoliator from Fresh is enough.

2013-10-18 18.29.02

I received this in September’s Bellabox. It made a little mess in the box cos of leakage from this little thing. Thank goodness the flavour was Lemon Sorbet and not some other exotic flavour, so the worst case scenario was just smelling like “Mama Lemon”, the dishwashing liquid.

I tried this stuff to “polish” my lips and it is quite so-so. The good thing is that it is wetter and thus easier to use as compared to the one from Fresh. So-so cos I think it doesn’t really exfoliate the lips well. But to be fair, maybe over time, this stuff (exfoliator in general) would have done the lips good.

The one thing that stuck in my head about this Sugar & Butter Lip Polish is the lemon taste. Thankfully, not “Mama Lemon” taste that I thought it would be. It actually tasted like the lemon puff biscuits I loved when I was young. Was very tempted to “eat” it. I think because of the taste I was salivating more when I was rubbing the product on my lips. I think I may just go and get the lemon puff later. Could almost taste it in my mouth now just writing about it. Yummy! 😛

Lemon Puff
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