What I got the last few days

On Friday, I went to The Faceshop just intending to buy a nail polish remover but I ended up getting a bunch of polishes and even a sunscreen for the hubby… That’s the problem with women right? You always find reasons to buy what you don’t need.


The Faceshop is having their 10th Anniversary promotion. So if you get 4 nail polishes it’s at SGD10 and if you buy 2 nail polishes, you get a dot pen. What a steal! Recently, I am quite into nail polishes and so of course I won’t miss the chance to get the colours that I wanted needed. HEE.


This is the current nail colour. I change the colour about every 3 days. With the help of Essie Good to Go top coat and China Glaze Dry Freeze drops, changing nail colours is an easy job!


I just received my order of Jacqueline Burchell’s Autumn Nail Polish Set! I actually got one of its polishes in my October Bellabox and I was rather impressed by the nail polish and so I just had to add one of its sets into my collection of nail polishes. Will do a review on this one soon.


Besides, my shopping loots, I received a belated birthday present from my cousin-in-law. Such pretty pouches! GREEN is my favourite colour… I absolutely love these pouches!



I have no idea what brand is “Betsy Johnson” but my cousin-in-law got it from Steve Madden’s store. The interior of the pouch is SOOOOoooo nice! Such a contrast to the polkadots exterior. NICE…






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