Marc Anthony Keratin Smoothing Blow Dry Cream

Recently, I dyed my hair and I was feeling a little unhappy with the frizziness that my hair became thereafter. My hairstylist will probably blame me for not doing hair treatment after dyeing my hair. But c’mon $100 to just make the hair look tamed and nice for 2 days?? No way!

Anyhow, because I was kinda irritated by how awfully frizzy my hair looked that I was out at Watsons looking for a blow-dry cream. I had another blow dry cream in mind but could not find it in the store I was in. I stumbled upon this Marc Anthony‘s one and because I was quite desperate, I decided to just give it a try.

IMG_3124 copy

Product: Marc Anthony Keratin Smoothing Blow Dry Cream

What amount: 140ml

How much I got it for: SGD18.90

Where I got it: Watsons

Texture: Sticky cream
It feels sticky as it is applied onto the hair. Kinda yucky for me. But I think such product feels like this.

Fragrance: Ok. Pleasant. Not over-powering awful smell.

I tried to blow dry without the use of brush. I just pulled my hair straight with my hands and blow dry. The hair looks wee-bit more tamed but still rather frizzy.

I have also tried to blow dry by pulling the hair straight with a brush, section by section. It looked quite alright after all is done. But the effect of more tamed hair probably lasted only half an hour? After that it got a little more frizzy but still it was better than not using the blow dry cream at all.

Looks like this is another product that I am just hoping to quickly use up and then I could go out and buy another product. I almost bought another brand’s blow-out cream today… No no. Can’t be wasting my money. Just got to use it.


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