Benefit Gimme Brow

First and foremost, allow me to exclaim at how exorbitantly expensive this product is. It costs SGD35 for 3 gram of product!!! 8S  😐 O_O

Ok. Finished my hyperventilation. And here are the rest of the review of the product. 😛

Benefit Gimme Brow is a brow-volumizing fiber gel product.

Gimme Brow

My brows are quite sparse and a lot of “fly-aways”, so they do look a little unkempt even when I fill in my brows with the brow pencil. So with the brow gel the hairs looked more tamed and it certainly gives an illusion of fuller brows as compared to just filling them in with my brow pencil.


Gimme Brow is the first brow gel that I have ever bought or ever used. I would say I do love the fact that the brow gel gives my brow a more tamed look. But I don’t think it adds volume to my brow. I don’t think I could actually see the fiber.

See the comparison in the pictures below.


The product is quite pricey for the small amount that you get. But nonetheless, it is a good product that is at least is useful. A good add-on to your makeup routine for a fuller look.



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