What I got from Taiwan last week & what I received today

Just came back from Taiwan with the hubby and our friends. Not exactly a lot of shopping. Good for my wallet. But still, I managed to get some great stuff!

Loots from Taiwan


One of the best buy from the trip is the Kate Spade leather bag at SOGO at 60% discount at SGD340! Love this new bag. It will be my daily bag from now on. Hopefully, I don’t abuse it too much.

I also stumbled upon ModelCo’s store at one unnoticeable corner of Ximenting (西门町). The set of 5 nail polishes were selling at NT1000 (SGD44), that’s less than SGD10 per bottle! I almost wanted to buy all the different sets available but well, the hubby was waiting outside the store impatiently and observing carefully how I spent my money. So I just had to pretend not to be too moved… I actually had a free lip gloss but I dropped it. -_-  I also bought a separate bottle of neon pink polish at NT350 (or NT390? Can’t recall the exact price).  The neon pink polish is a matte finish but you could actually put on a top coat for a glossy finish. The polish is quite a thick formula and does not dry fast. In fact after 2 hours, it was still not fully dried. I woke up with “marks” on the surface of my polishes. So I suggest putting the on quick dry drops or really wait much longer for it to fully dry before doing anything that might destroy the polish.

The other very happy find was Bauch & Lomb’s Naturelle daily disposable contact lens! I bought 2 boxes of 10 lens in each box at NT450 (SGD20). I wore it for 10 hours and totally had no discomfort at all. The last time I tried any colored lens, 4 hours were all it took to make me all miserable. So I was SO HAPPY at the find. I am going to get hold of more of this when I go to Hong Kong end of the month.

Just received my order of brushes holder from 13rushes.com. Looks quite sturdy and of good quality. Ordered it for SGD20 and an additional SGD2.50 for registered mail. Got to know about this Singapore start-up from The Make-Up Blogette. Well, I like to support local companies! 😀

Brushes holder


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