Which one?

Hey all! I have decided to write this after reading a post by Evonnz. Recently, I have been thinking about my beauty blog. As you know, I have a personal blog over at rehcranov.com, and it’s been a personal blog for a long long time. I started a separate beauty blog cos of my interests in beauty stuff and I just thought I didn’t want to bore my personal blog’s readers on those things. But after a few months at it, I was wondering if it was actually necessary to differentiate the 2 blogs.

I am, afterall, still the same Yvonne whether I talk about my health issues, my IVF journey, my family, beauty related stuff or simply just about my feelings. Ok. I know. THE NICHE ISSUE. I am wondering if it was all that important to really separate the blogs so that there is a clear niche for my blogs and thus making it easier for my readers.

So, I am thinking of asking both of my blogs’ readers to help me a little with my dilemma. If you could, help me fill in the poll below. Feel free to leave me a comment as well. Thanks!


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