Which camera to choose?

I have been going overseas recently for all sorts of holidays, with friends, with another group of friends and then with family. And just as I thought I could use my Canon S95 to take some good quality photos, I realised after taking a few photos that there was something wrong with the camera! Lo and behold, after some attempt to check out the lens, I realise there was some unknown matter, like dust or dirt, in there. My friend told me that is probably mould. Bad news. So… it’s time to look for another camera………

I am NOT A PRO and not aspiring to be one so I don’t think I would need a super pro camera. I am just thinking of getting a digital camera that has a few modes allowing me to play around. I saw a few cameras and I couldn’t decide which one. So just thought maybe I share and someone can help me out? 😀

Samsung NX2000

Samsung NX2000
Picture from samsung.com

WHITE. How gorgeous is this! I love how the camera looks. And yes, I know it will get dirty real easy. Ok. There is a black one (and a PINK one too!). Anyway, the colour isn’t the issue here. 20.3MP. Interchangeable lens and separate flash. 21 focal points that promises better pictures. Wifi supported for easy sharing of photos. Besides the great specs, I just love how the camera looks! As of now, this has my heart.

Canon S120

Canon S120
Picture from canon.com.sg

This seems to be the straight forward kind of choice for me cos to go back to using one of the Powershot series from Canon would be much easier for me to get used to. Furthermore, I already really love Canon S95 (without the mould in the lens that is). 12.1MP. Built-in flash. Wifi supported. Looking at how Canon S95 had made me very happy with how the photos came out, this is why I am little hesitant to switch brand. I had previously switch from another brand and never looked back since.

Casio EX-TR15

Picture from www.casio-intl.com/sg/en/dc/
Picture from http://www.casio-intl.com/sg/en/dc/

Or so I thought maybe just jump into the bandwagon of the “trend” of owning one of these VERY EXPENSIVE camera. I think this is rather different from the other 2 cameras that I am thinking of. Hmmm… 12.1MP. Wifi supported. The main thing that I like about this is that I can probably take better selfie with this cos the screen can be twisted to face me when I take selfie. This is the very vain part of me that cries out “buy this! buy this!” all the time… OK. I don’t think it’s not going to be this one. 😐

Canon G16

Picture from canon.com.sg
Picture from canon.com.sg

A friend suggested this. I think he is a fan of Canon. Did a little research that G16 is heavier and bigger than Samsung NX2000 and specs are lower than Samsung NX2000 too. Hmmm… I think if I were to choose the brand Canon, I would actually prefer S120 to G16. I am not sure.

Any other suggestion, my dear readers? You are most probably more pro than me. Nowadays, everyone seems be a pro in photography. At least more pro than me… 🙂 

P/S: Just before I posted this, my husband said to me… “Don’t spend money again. Save up first.” :S

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