How I de-stress

ShoppingSHOPPING!!! I have been on this weird shopaholic mentality recently. The more stressful I felt, the more I feel like shopping! Well, it doesn’t help that this is the season of giving and so I find all the more the reason to be shopping even more to de-stress myself. Of course, it is not totally stress-free to be shopping and spending excessively with a husband that goes “Shopping AGAIN?” or “Can you buy something NOT SO EXPENSIVE?”. OOPSSSSS….

Another thing that I find myself doing when I am feeling stress: STARE BLANKLY. This really works. Ok. Momentarily. Just taking my mind off thinking about anything. My husband always tease me for “daydreaming” but this really does help me get away from being too serious with things all the time. So whenever I work and it gets too stressful, you may find me staring blankly at my laptop and probably even smiling too. Ha! I just need to time-out sometimes on being too serious.

Kama Sutra (mobile version) - Bath Tub
Kama Sutra (mobile version) – Bath Tub (Photo credit: ePi.Longo)

How about after a long day at work? A warm bath to rescue my mind and body, putting them into hibernation mode. I just like the comfort I feel as the warm water splatters on me from the shower. If water bill is not a concern, I can stay in a warm bath forever (that is, if my skin doesn’t crease up at all too). If I have a bath tub at home, guess what? I WILL SOAK IN THE WARM BATH FOREVER. ;P

I guess that’s why most people I know love spas! Priority One Jets posted a blog entry on the International Destinations of Rejuvenation. Very exotic ones like Japan Beverage Pools (soaking in green tea anyone?), Italy Hay Bath (special hay that heals the muscle cramps??) or the very expensive Miami Evian Bath (Yep. It’s THE Evian water that you and I know.). So do you love spas and would you try one of these unique ones?


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