This is the season where we shop and shop, give and give, and eat and eat… Look at my bags of gifts to give out…

I am still short of a present. This year I bought many more kids’ presents. I must say it is extremely stressful to buy presents for kids… It has to be around the same budget for every kid and it has to be according to their age. There was one day, I shopped for almost 2 hours and bought only 2 presents for 2 kids! Blame it on my indecisive nature and it’s quite a first time for me to buy so many kiddo stuff.

Anyhow, I am always happy to be able to give gifts. And after stressful and tiring few days, I decided to buy for myself a little something.

I think I am going to find myself going to Thomas Sabo more often to get something. It feels quite good rewarding myself with a charm.

I am actually still short of a gift which I was just absent-minded (or maybe just selective memory loss). I am totally clueless what to buy. Usually, I feel this way whenever I need to buy something for a guy. Why did I pick a guy for gift exchange?! Somehow, I will find something suitable to buy.

It’s going to be a great week ahead!

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