SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

SKII Facial Treatment Essence

This 215ml bottle of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence costs a lot of money in Singapore. Well, I bought it for SGD100 cheaper in Hong Kong at Colormix when I was there in November. It was such a good deal!

Besides, raving about the good deal, I think this bottle of essence is a good try for anyone with oily skin. Just a few days ago, my husband commented that my skin no longer look as oily as before. It may still be a little oily but at least it isn’t as shiny as before! I attribute the improvement partly to SK-II Facial Treatment Essence cos I have been using it for a few months now.

The product looks transparent just like water. All you need is 2-3 drops of it and pat onto the skin. You could also pour into a cotton pad and swipe over the face and neck. But I prefer not to as I feel that it is a little wasteful to let the cotton pad soak up such an expensive skincare.

There is a smell in the essence. It took me a while to get used to the pungent smell of fermentation (I guess).

I have friends that commented that SK-II Facial Treatment Essence was too drying for their skin. I guess it is perfect for me since I had rather oily skin. I shall keep using it to see if it does dry me out ultimately. But I do believe that no matter how “miracle” this essence is, it takes time for it to do its wonder. So probably for those that find it too drying, perhaps give it a good 3 months to conclude that it doesn’t work for you? I know, most people don’t have such patience. 🙂

I could only speak from my experience that this has indeed helped my skin to be better and more balanced as of now. I am still using and waiting out to see if I could see other improvements to my skin. But warning… Just be ready to burn a hole in your pocket for making this part of your staple skincare. It costs SGD233 and I bought it for SGD133 in Hong Kong’s Colourmix at a promotion rate! My hubby almost fainted after hearing the price of it…


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