First experience at New York Skin Solutions

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I had my complimentary treatment at New York Skin Solutions a few weeks ago after doing a survey via Black Box. As expected, when I stepped in, I was greeted by the big signage “NEW YORK SKIN SOLUTIONS” and the warm welcome from the staff at the reception.

Well, before I went, I was already mentally prepared that they are going to do their taekwando-style sales tactics on me. But I have to mention that I was also open to using their service if it was really good. If it’s not, no matter how much they were to sell me the treatments, it’s no-no for me. I have tried enough facials, both cheap and expensive ones, to know what is good or not.

Back to the experience. They ushered me to a room, gave me a drink and started asking me if I have any concern for my skin. Next, the consultant used their equipment to do an analysis on my skin. First, showing me how proper collagen cells looks like on my own neck and then comparing it with the collagen cells on my face, which was bad. I think that was the first issue that she probably spotted by observing with her bare eyes. Because I too noticed that my face was sagging a little recently. Of course, there were other issues like blocked pores and dry skin on the surface and oiliness underneath. This has been my skin concern ever since I gave birth.

The main concern that the consultant felt for my skin was the sagging issue cos of the lost of collagen. And the consultant suggested giving me the collagen treatment instead of the complimentary hydrating one, and also free of charge JUST FOR ME (O really?). Anyway, I am game to test it out and see if it will work.

Ta-tah! After a very painful extraction of black heads on my nose and my face, superb massages on eyes, face and shoulders, 2 treatment masks, I came out with my sagging face lifted. I mean I could really see the difference, which I was a rather surprised. I guess that they had me on that BUT  I was all ready to say no to the package offered cos it was really way too expensive for my budget, until she offered a $500 for 6 times… This is cheaper than my past facials! HEHE. SO! I am, now, an official New York Skin Solutions Member (a.k.a. customer and cai-tao).

Please don’t judge me for buying into the facial treatments. I am, after all, still a woman that wants to look good as long as I can. ;P I am going for the second treatment soon to prepare myself for looking good when I am back at work after a 2-week break. In fact, I have also started taking some collagen supplements. Just not disciplined enough to have it everyday.


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