I had treatments at Yun Nam Hair Care

Yun Nam

I have been going for hair treatment at the Yun Nam Hair Care and just gone for my fourth treatment recently. I was dropping lots of hair ever since I gave birth. And the condition didn’t improve as the bald patch on my hairline was rather obvious even in photos. I happened to do a survey and got myself a complimentary treatment at Yun Nam.

The consultant who attended to me has been working in Yun Nam Hair Care for more than 10 years! She was very professional in the way she handled the treatment for me and definitely in selling the treatments to me too. Ha! But I was very satisfied with her service.

Yun Nam-steamingBefore each treatment, the consultant would examine my scalp and hair and then proceed to wash my hair. Thereafter, she would apply some stuff and steam my hair for 30min. This is to do “cleansing” for my scalp in order to un-clog my pores that are full of sebum. Basically, after this step, it would be washing the hair again and blowing drying of hair. It’s just that simple. Everything is done within 1.5hour. (But I have to mention that the first appointment took much longer cos of the “sales” pitch! Haha.)

As mentioned earlier on, I had already been doing the treatments which meant I had signed up for a package of treatment. When I signed up for the package, frankly, I totally cannot tell if the treatment was working. I had signed up for a package based on pure faith that it will salvage my poor head of hair. Well, after 3 times of treatments within 1.5 months, I could already tell that my hair was dropping much lesser and baby hair was already visible and covering my bald patches.

Yun Nam-baby hair

As seen in the photo above (taken after 4 times of treatments), the baby hair has grown out finally! You can imagine, before the treatments, that whole patch was empty and I looked like I had a very high hairline…

I am generally happy with the cleansing treatments thus far. But it is coming to the last 2 times left and the consultant has already started to sell me the “growing” hair treatments. Well, I would really like to sign up for it as well BUT I think it would be beyond my budget.

Anyway, I would recommend anyone that wants to try out Yun Nam to salvage their receding hairline. But I believe that the key is to do something about it as soon as you can and not wait for those roots to die out on you. 🙂

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