Bausch & Lomb Naturelle Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

A few months ago, when I went to Taipei for holidays with friends, I bought a box of Bausch & Lomb Naturelle Daily Disposable contact lenses to try out. I actually bought it cos of the Taiwanese artiste, Sonia Sui. They got the right person to be the endorsement person. She is so pretty! My hubby always say she is pretty whenever he sees her on TV advertisements or drama shows.


I have always been using another brand’s lenses simply because that brand is the one with the most moist and most comfort. So when I tried Bausch & Lomb Naturelle, I was just simply vain and didn’t think it will be as comfortable to wear. So to my surprise, when I wore it, it was rather comfortable for a good 8-10 hours of wear when I was in Taipei, in the cold weather. I was quite bought over by it.


This lenses really do look very natural. Even though I wore the brown lenses, they still looked rather natural on my eyes. This is due to the unique and natural gradation pattern of Naturelle. Not sure if you can see from the picture below. The edges are not as distinctive as some other brands, thus, the eyes still look rather natural even with the rim of brown.


But I have to mention that these lenses aren’t cheap. It is retailing at SGD68 per box of 30 lenses, which is about SGD4.50 per pair!! EXPENSIVE!!! I bought mine at a cheaper price of about SGD47 per box of 30 lenses, which is about SGD3.10 per pair, when I was in Hong Kong. This is still very expensive. I don’t think I can wear this on a daily basis cos of the price… :S

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