I am particular about customer service

Since I was 16 years old, I started working first as a banquet waitress and subsequently as a G2000 sales assistant and I LOVE both jobs a lot and was at it for a few years. The only reason I stopped was that I needed to earn more and thus switched to being a tutor, which I shall not comment on…

Anyway, because I started as a service staff (waitress and sales assistant), I am always looking out for customer service which most companies don’t focus on. By that I mean they don’t reward their staff for the good service that their staff gives to their customers. When I was working at the G2000, they used to have mystery shopper program to evaluate their staff on the customer service and to reward those that gave good service to their customers. *ahem* I was one of those that was commended for and received actual monetary reward for it. I absolutely had no idea who the mystery shopper was. Just one of the months, the branch that I was working at, received a memorandum to commend me of the outstanding customer service the mystery shopper received from me. And to reward me, I was given cash rewards. I can’t remember exactly how much it was but it was probably about $50. I felt so on-top-of-the-world happy! For a 16-17 year old, that assurance was quite something!

So. Let me post on an experience I just received 2 days ago, I was at Yun Nam Hair Care for my 5th treatment, which is my second last one in the package that I had signed. With this, I shall also launch my series of posts on customer service as well.

The consultant (also the branch manager) who was supposed to be attending to me said that her staff will be helping me first. So initially, I thought that the young girl, should be a new staff (as I have not seen her before), will just be washing my hair. But thereafter, she continued to apply the treatment on my scalp and all the while, my consultant was nowhere to be seen. I am ok with new staff helping but I expect the consultant to be at least around to supervise… Then the problem happened. The lotion somehow started to flow down my forehead and also the side of my face and some got into my right eye. I was busying messaging and only when I felt discomfort I looked up and saw all that over my forehead and face. The girl looked shock when I told her it’s all over my face (she didn’t realised!) and just kept apologising. She is young after all and I could imagine the panic she must be feeling and didn’t know what to do. I had to ask her for tissue papers and later asked to wash my eyes with water. And even then she on the water too hot and I had to tell her the water was too hot. By then she had probably said 20 times of sorry to me. Haha… AND all the while, the branch manager cum consultant was not around at all!

Yun Nam

That is the amount of tissue I used to clean up the mess. And after I took this photo, I saw a cockroach and told the girl. She was a little nervous and went to take the insecticide and wanted to spray at the tiny roach right in front of me and I asked if she wanted to just take a tissue to kill it. She told me she doesn’t dare to kill cockroach like that. Poor girl. I totally wasn’t trying to make things difficult for her, but I simply felt that it was not a good idea to spray insecticide right in front of the customer. She could at least ask me to shift to another seat which ultimately I shifted.

I am not writing this because I didn’t get any freebie or VIP treatment. The point is that it is so irresponsible of the branch manager to leave my treatment to the staff and what’s more, a rather young and new staff. Even when I mentioned the blunder to her at the front counter, she did not apologise for the staff. This is bad. I told her I did not scold the staff and at the back of my mind, I felt it was her responsibility that I was well taken care of by her staff. But she was more interested to sell me the shampoo than offer me good service. I mean, seriously, is convincing me to buy the bigger bottle of shampoo more important than offering good service? Sad. But I am now more determined that I will not be continuing with the treatment after my last one.

I do believe that if a product is good, offering good service should even more be the focus of the company.



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