Sephora 5 Colours Tinted Lip Balm Wand

Sephora Tinted Lip Balm

Another Christmas gift from a friend! The 5 colours on the Sephora Tinted Balm Wand looks quite good when swatch on the back of my hand. However, when applied on the lips, the colours were more “shimmery” and not as flattering. In fact, it made my lips looked oily.

As to whether it is moisturizing, I can’t tell. But I know that I don’t like how it “tasted”. At first application, it gave me the rather “inferior” material feeling that the lip balm was made out of.

So the only good thing about this is probably the good handy 5 colours in one wand. But for me, it just lacks that bit of quality and “prettiness” when applied. However, I used the red and dabbed it off till it looks like my lips were just tinted, it gave quite a good natural tint. So for now, that’s just how I am going to use it.

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