Ushering in the Chinese New Year with New Clothes

In another 8 days, we would be ushering in the Year of Horse and it’s such a good time for buying new clothes! My sister was just telling me that she wanted to buy new top for her husband, and I was going, “hmmm….” and my mind was thinking, “Isn’t that only for the kids?” No! I think it’s a perfect reason for shopping!!

Being someone that is rather internet-savvy, I like to do shopping online and have the loots delivered to my doorstep! Actually, I have been rather hooked on online shopping and just had to pull a stop to it (for 3 weeks) to save my pocket from being burnt again. But I started on my online shopping again recently! CNY is just a good excuse for me to start buying stuff for my baby AND MYSELF!

I recently bought some stuff from a newly set-up apparel online boutique, MissyStella. The shopping experience is definitely awesome!


The package came in a very simple and neat package.


Both items that I bought were of great quality. The shorts were SGD15 and the oversized shirt with gothic prints were SGD39.


I totally love the shirt!!! It’s actually a very me! I love big size tops even though people think that I have what it takes to flaunt it but I love more “manly” stuff actually.

Material was great and the label of the items were Missystella and not some assorted brands bought from different suppliers with no quality control and thoughts put into it.

Another site that I was rather hooked on doing shopping was over at I just got the pair of shoes that I bought.

Goodsense Qoo10

So start my shopping for CNY clothes!


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