What I got from Benefit

Happy Chinese New Year!!! Haven’t blogged for quite a while cos I have just been so busy with a baby and work. Too tired to put my thoughts on products into words. So I am owing myself a number of posts for the products that I have been using and even the service that I had received recently.

What I got from Benefit

Went to Sephora on Monday to get my brows done and ended up buying $150 worth of Benefit cosmetics cos the sales assistant said that if I buy $150 worth of products I get these items free. And she was very nice to count my brow waxing service to be part of the $150. Basically, these items are highlighted with the yellow arrows in the picture above, which are: A pink bag, a 2014 desk calendar, Benefit Eye Cream and Benefit Eye Primer.

I know I sounded real loser for falling into the sales tactics, But the items I bought are really stuff that I have been eyeing on. The freebies gave me a little “Go buy them!” cheering. So yep, I’m $157 poorer and with 3 more makeup products in my bag. Shall review them soon!

Some stuff that I bought:

  • Brow Zing $50
  • Boi-ing (Concealer) $34
  • Posie Tint $51
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