Benefit Posie Tint


This is the pink version of the BeneTint, which was in red. I used it a few times and found that this was rather drying on the lips. Subsequently, I tried applying lip balm a few minutes before I applied this lip tint and it was slightly better.


From the swatch above, you can see that the tint is not very obvious. I applied a swatch of the tint and after approximately 1 minute, I dabbed the tint till it’s spread out and as seen in the picture above. It was considered rather fast but when I applied it on my lips it was totally a different story.

When I applied it on my lips, it seems to take forever to get the colour onto the lips. The staying power of the tint is also not good. With the BeneTint, it was already not very lasting. It seems that PosieTint is worse in terms of staying power.

I tried to use it as a blush and it isn’t easy to get the colour to really show up. But I reckon that it will take some practising to make it look right and nice on the cheeks. A tinge of pink, that should look rather sweet. 🙂

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