Experience at Swarovski at Ion

2 weeks ago, I was shopping at Ion Orchard after my facial treatment, WITHOUT MAKEUP. I looked really terrible. I actually forgot that I was supposed to do some shopping for a present after the facial treatment and so I did not bring any of my makeup. :S

Anyway, I went in to Swarovski at Ion, looking rather sad and I wasn’t expecting anyone to be bothered with me or to serve me cos I think I looked quite haggard. In fact, I went in and out of Swarovski 2-3 times cos I couldn’t decide between getting earrings and a top from Warehouse, which was just nearby. Anyhow, during the final time I was at the store, a sales assistant approached me, looking rather friendly, and offering some help. So I asked for a few pairs of earrings to take a look. And soon the store had more and more people and I was still looking at the earrings while her eyes were looking around probably trying to make sure the customers were taken care of by her colleagues.

Well, I took quite some time to choose a pair of earrings and all the while this sales assistant was not giving me the pls-choose-any-pair-quickly vibe. She was very helpful in offering her suggestions by asking me if the person I was getting present for was fair and what kind of style she prefers. I think those questions did help me to come to a decision to get one of the pairs. So she went to take a new pair from the storeroom while I waited.

While waiting, I suddenly saw another pair of earrings which I thought was nicer and more suitable for my friend. So when she was out with the first pair of earrings, I asked for the other pair. Then her colleague asked for her at the cashier counter and she got another colleague to assist me instead.

So when she was back to me, I finally chose the other pair and she went to get it for me again. All these while, she was smiling and making me feel very comfortable with shopping at Swarvoski even with my rather terrible bare face without makeup. I wasn’t decided to buy the pair of earrings or the top till the sales assistant’s good service helped me make a decision on getting the pair of earrings. Thumbs up for the good service I got from this lady, which I think should be by the name of Irene, cos that was what was printed on my receipt. 🙂 It was indeed so good that I remember it even after 2 weeks. 😀

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