Benefit Brow Zing

In the recent few months, I have been rather into the brows. With people like Cara Delevinge’s full brows, it makes me want to emphasize this little facial feature. So doing up the brows has been something that I can’t go without even if I am just going out to buy a pack of chips in the supermarket nearby. And when my brow pencil was running out, I was very urgent in getting a replacement. So while I was at the Benefit Brow Bar to do up my brows and I got its Brow Zing!

Brow Zing-1

How do I find it thus far? GREAT! Love the packaging and especially the handy mini hard angled brush that comes with the kit.

Brow Zing-2

The Brow Zing palette has brow wax for shaping, shaded powder for setting and filling in the brows, a mini-tweezers, a mini hard angle brush, a mini blending brush, mirror and a complete lesson booklet.

The wax and powder are very easy to use and goes on rather easily. The mini-tweezers aren’t as easy to use though. Anyway, that is just a sideline issue. Most importantly, I hope this brow palette can last me for some time, especially when it costs SGD50… At the moment, this is not considered a must-have item for me.

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