Collection Hotlights Lipgloss

Collection Hotlight Lipgloss 1

Received this Collection Hotlights Lipgloss in the colour ‘Star’ in the February’s Bellabox. I am not interested in this item at all. It seems that as I grow older I kinda lost my interest in lipgloss. It used to be the kind of lip product that I just can’t buy enough and only use. But now, nah, not any more. So let’s just cut the chase and get to the review of this item that I had used less than 5 times so far.

The lipgloss comes in a rectangular tube in thick glass (or plastic rather). There is a mirror on one side of the tube which is very good for application of lipgloss on the go. Especially good to keep in your lunch bag for after lunch application without bringing your entire makeup pouch with you.

Collection Hotlight Lipgloss 3

I think the main interesting feature about this lipgloss is that it comes with an in-built light which lits up when the applicator is pulled out. I love this feature! *ahem* except that the light is a wee-bit too bright and it is kinda irritating. You can kinda look “eerie” with the light shining onto your face when you apply the lipgloss. Hee Hee.

Collection Hotlight Lipgloss 2

The lipgloss has gold shimmer which is not that obvious when applied onto the lips. It gives a rather nice high gloss finish without the stickiness with many other lipglosses. However, the colour ‘Star’ appeared too pale on my bare lips which made me looked a little sickly. So it is best applied on top of your favourite lipstick to compliment your lipstick colour with a high gloss feel. 

Sadly, the main detractor for me for using this lipgloss is the “taste”. It’s yucky and I totally dislike it. And because of this, I won’t be considering this as a lipgloss to purchase. But for those that likes the convenience packed in a little tube and the high gloss finish, you can try it!

Ok. That’s all for today! Keep smiling cos you look beautiful with your smile! 🙂

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