My good experience

Took a day leave last week to spend time with the hubby. Did my first spa ever and it was at Spa Symphony at Somerset 313. I had never think of putting my bucks in pampering myself this way and I’m still true to that belief. This spa treat was actually a gift from our friend and it says it costs $577 for 2 pax… *gulp*

I can’t really rate if the spa was worth that kind of money cos I have nothing to compare to. Remember, this is my first spa? But I can say that the lady who did the massage for me was quite good. At least after that I felt the veins or muscles on my legs felt loosen. And she was very good to keep checking if the strength she used was good for me. In fact, every time I flinched, she asked me. But frankly, she wasn’t even using much strength. I flinched cos the muscles or veins at the back and around my knees were very sensitive and tight. I really feel quite good after the massage. *Thumbs-up*

After that, we went to Sushi Tei at Paragon for dinner and sat at the window seats. I’ts The service staff were friendly and helpful. Seems like one of the staff was in a particularly good mood. Could feel the lightheartedness and happiness oozing from her and even the people around. The rest of her colleagues were also very smiley and friendly. There was once we signalled to the particular who was serving us, she could immediately guess that we wanted additional soup for my Sukiyaki. It was a very good experience eating at Sushi Tei! That somehow gave me a very good end to the day of just spending time with my hubby.

Ok. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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