Irritated skin

Urgh. My skin started getting irritated again.

Some possible reasons:

1. The Laura Mercier BB cream I applied yesterday.
So regret… I know I am usually sensitive to BB cream but sometimes, it’s just a waste seeing them left unused and so I just wanted to push my luck on it… And it’s not on my side this time. I just didn’t think it will cause my skin to react his much.

2. Menstrual cycle…
Needless to say, this is one of the most common reasons for skin breakouts. This “auntie” is not very welcomed but I very much need it to be good and regular so that I get good chance of pregnancy. So hopefully, it won’t cause my skin to be too bad.

3. Moisturizer is not good enough for my skin anymore.
I hope this is not the case cos I really like my Clinque Dramatically Different Mositurizing Gel. Recently, I have been feeling that my skin is producing more oil. Whenever that happens, it’s usually cos my skin isn’t getting enough moisture. And probably because of this, my skin is beginning to have a little outbreaks of pimples.

4. The haze.
This is definitely one of the reasons for my bad skin recently. Though it is not very bad now, it was bad enough for my skin on my legs to break into hives… Urgh. Because it was too itchy, I scratched and now there are so many dark scars left on my legs. So sad.

That’s all I could think of for the moment. I just hope my skin will be better soon…

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