Another lethargic week

I have been posting more ramblings recently cos I am just so tired. No idea why. Not really cos of a baby. In fact, I think my life as a mother has been quite an envy to many cos I get to sleep through the night 90% of the time since she was 2 month old! Envy right? Anyway, I am just so tired and in the end I will just put everything in one post. SO this is one of those “rojak” post. :S

PhotoGrid_1394637288752 (1)

Received the March Bellabox yesterday. Quite a lot of stuff… There was also actually a Jill Lowe magazine and a facial mask that I didn’t capture in the photo. Wanted to post this month’s Bellabox cos somehow the colours of the wrap, card and products look so coordinated… green and yellow… haha. Anyway, I am thinking of discontinuing the subscription for the time being and maybe try something else first. But till date, I have yet to receive a reply on my request to terminate the subscription. Haiz. Shall wait another week or so before sending in my request again.

Her World Mag-1

I finally received my March issue of Her World magazine… Feels like a long wait for it. And look at the big embellishments on the dress. This is supposed to be a trend but I doubt I will follow with it. But hope I would still get some inspiration for my dressings in the mag. On a second thought, maybe I shouldn’t get too inspired cos that would means spending money again. 😛

2014-03-13 12.26.39

A colleague passed me a piece of this Toast Sticks from Yakun and it had me. It is so yummy! This is like a french toast with ham and cheese in between. SUPER YUMMY. I am thinking if I should have this for breakfast tomorrow. Hmmm…

Lastly, I just want to post about my new CAM! Canon EOS M!

2014-03-13 22.41.06

Decided to buy this cam 2 weeks ago at a IT fair. A good deal at SGD499 with lots of freebies like 2 SD cards, camera stand and some other stuff. *Thumbs-up* I am still trying to get use to how it works. And I seriously think I need some training to get it to work right for me, especially when I have to take photos of an active girl with this cam. But so far, I am loving it! 🙂

Ok. enough of my ramblings for the week.

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